Carer Stories

Carer Stories

Carers Victoria provides support and services for Victoria’s unpaid carers, to help them continue to provide truly incredible care for the people in their lives that need them.

They care for others. We care about them.


Here are their stories:


Julie's story

As the primary carer, Julie has a lot to juggle. Along with her job, and parenting her other kids, Julie leads Darcy’s daily routine and assists with his learning. ‘When he achieves something, and we’ve put that extra work in, I love that. It makes me feel like I'm on top of a mountain!”


Michael's story

Michael grew up helping his parents care for his older brother. When he started applying for work as an adult, he’d ask at every interview, “Are you going to support me as a carer?”. While not every employer was receptive, he found one that wanted to support him. Being a carer for his brother is an important part of Michael’s life. “He brings so much joy to my life. He’s someone I love spending time with.”


Merrin's story

Merrin starts her day at 5:30am. She cleans the house, vacuums and hangs washing. At 7am, she helps her mum with medication, and gets her boys ready for school. Then she goes to work. She’s home from work at 7pm and is straight back into it. This is a good day, when everything runs smoothly.